Why M&S is so great

After Bill Bennet wrote a complaint to Marks & Spencer about being overcharged for a salmon sandwich (which was priced at £1.90 but scanned through for £3), he received a reply which promised him a gift card.

More correspondence ensued as poor old Bill didn’t receive the gift card, which culminated in the following note:

“Anne, for the inconvenience I would like a hand-drawn picture of a smiley dinosaur to be included with the gift card. I trust you will be able to comply with this request. Regards, Bill Bennett”

…and would you believe it, just look at what plopped through Bill’s letter box. 10/10 for customer service.

Dear Mr Bennett,
Thank you for getting back in touch and I am sorry to hear about the over charging in our Taunton store for the salmon sandwiches. As agreed with my colleagues Tracey and Anne please find a gift card for £5 to cover the
overcharge of the sandwiches.
Please also find a picture of a smiling dinosaur, hand drawn. Unfortunately Art was never my strong point, but I hope you will appreciate it.
Thanks and regards.
Yours sincerely
Steve Jones

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