Apple and sultana bircher muesli

apple bircher muesli

“Never work before breakfast. If you have to work before breakfast, get your breakfast first.”

…so said a rather wise American actress once, who clearly had her priorities straight. My family has always been a big fan of breakfast. Pancakes on Saturday, fry-up on Sunday, porridge over winter, and this bircher muesli throughout the summer, especially round apple harvest

Bircher muesli has got a lot more popular recently, and can be found on the shelves of Starbucks and bircher muesli. It’s something I’ve eaten my whole life though. Perhaps it was the eastern European roots of bircher which meant that it crept into the family repertoire. It’s so easy to make, but just be aware that grated apple will discolour, so it won’t look pretty after a couple of days. The lemon juice slows down the browning, so make sure that you add plenty.


250g porridge oats
Roughly 1/2 litre of milk
2 tbs honey
50g sultanas
2 lemons, juiced
3 eating apples, grated

Store in an old ice cream tub or tupperware, with a snap lid to help keep the muesli fresh.

1. Tip the oats into the ice cream tub. Pour in the milk and stir. The ingredients here list ‘ROUGHLY’ for the exact reason that you must use some judgement here. As the oats absorb the milk over several hours, you may need to loosen with a slosh more milk, so that you get the right consistency.

2. Stir in the sultanas and honey.

3. Before serving, stir in the lemon juice and eating apples.


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      I didn’t know Bircher muesli, but just looked it up, and it does seem very similar….though apparently Bircher muesli was created by a Swiss physician for patients in his hospital.
      I think of my muesli recipe as something for healthy, energetic people to eat before cycling to work, or going on a run…not something that dying people are force fed.

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