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Maybe I should write that ‘I don’t approve animals being at the table.’ But I’d be lying.

I can see the logic behind why it’s not a good idea …but then I can also see the logic of stopping after two glasses of wine, or why fruit is better for weight loss than ice cream, and the fact that wearing a rucksack instead of an overloaded handbag is much more sensible. Recognising the logic isn’t the same as applying it though…. 

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Moules marinière

Moules marinière is a real treat – most of all though, it’s not crazy expensive and  it’s so easy to make.

The trickiest part by far is finding the mussels to cook. I live in the East End – home of the eel and mash…but no mussels – yet when I visit my parents in Leicester (surely one of the furthest places from the sea in all of Britain) then there seem to be mussels aplenty. Weird…. 

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I was brought up in Leicester. So you can imagine my shock when I went to India, and realised that Indian food was nothing like the ‘indians’ of my childhood.

No luminous, heavy sauces and surprisingly few meaty curries. The food wasn’t one-dimensionally hot and spicy, but complex spiciness – fruity or delicate, or herbal or eye-watering chilli heat…. 

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The most manly salad out there: Turbo Salad

Guest recipe: Greg’s Turbo Salad

Right now, the Oxbridge boys preparing for the boat race will be knocking back 6,000 calories a day. If you think that’s a lot, then Michael Phelps regularly wolfs down 10,000 calories a day which is a feat in itself…. 

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