Bieber Bocker Glory

Ice cream should be a cheap and uncomplicated treat.
It’s best served as a traditional scoop in a good quality cone, and should never really be more than £2.50 unless there’s an excellent reason (see Chin Chin Labs).

So you can imagine my fury to hear about the Justin Bieber sundae on sale at Harrods for a whopping £19.95.
The whingy little pop rat has lent his name to a revolting-sounding concoction which is wistfully entitled ‘Someday’. It combines vanilla and berry ice cream with lavender sprinkles, pear and glitter.

I already feel sorry for the parents of crop-topped tweenagers who are dragged there to have their hard-earned money prised out of clenched fists in exchange for this heinously overpriced ice cream. Forget the looters—this really is daylight robbery.

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