Caesar salad dressing made from leftovers

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The title of this blog post has just annoyed me, so I apologise if it’s grated on you too. What a stupid thing to suggest: A salad dressing made from leftovers. The very nature of leftovers means that everybody’s are different.

If, for example, you’ve been eating pizza all week, then your leftovers will be – at best – some pizza crust crumbs and dregs of ketchup, which both you and I know would make a dreadful salad dressing. If you’ve been having soup all week, then your leftovers are also unlikely to make a good salad dressing.

No, I’m afraid that the title of this blog post is only cheering if, like me, you usually have a big tub of yoghurt in the fridge for breakfast. And if you had spaghetti and tomato sauce the night before, leaving you with half a tin of anchovies and a nubbin of Parmesan.

If by some magical coincidence this is the case, then this is an excellent way of using up the leftovers you’ll have in your fridge. A kind of quick and cheap Caesar dressing. Enjoy!

Salad Dressing of Leftovers
Serves 2

1 garlic clove, crushed
5 anchovies (approx), chopped finely
1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard
1 tablespoon yoghurt
1 teaspoon (or appropriate-sized splash) of milk, to loosen yoghurt if it’s quite thick
2-3 tablespoons of finely-grated Parmesan
Fresh black pepper

Suggested serving
4 rashers of bacon/lardons
2 baby cos lettuces
8-10 baby plum tomatoes

1. Put the garlic, anchovies, mustard, yoghurt, Parmesan and black pepper in a mixing bowl. Stir.

2. If the salad dressing is looking quite thick, then loosen with a splash of milk. This feels like an incongruous thing to put in a salad dressing, but all you’re doing is thinning the yoghurt a bit.

3. Add the cooked bacon, cos lettuce and tomatoes to the mixing bowl containing your dressing. With some salads, you can just about get away with using salad servers to flap it about in the dressing. With a thicker dressing like this, you really have to get your hands involved, to mix everything up, and make sure it’s all coated in this nice, salty dressing.

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