‘The last supper’. Such a peculiar thought. When we enter this world mewling and puking, our first mouthfuls are the same. But after a lifetime of different experiences our ‘last suppers’ are so diverse…. 

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The lemoniest of lemon tarts


You may have noticed by now that most of my posts involve quite a lengthy pre-amble. All I’m going to say about this recipe though is that it is a wonderfully tart tart. Eight lemons is a lot. But I won’t use any other lemon tart recipe. Enjoy!


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Christmas Lunch – Top Tips & the Odd Recipe

christmas in bethnal green

One of the things about being a freelancer is that there’s no Christmas party. Take note, I haven’t specified whether or not it’s a particularly good or bad thing. It’s just a thing. I’ve never been a big fan of corporate entertainment – but then you sort of miss it when it’s not there.… 

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Jude’s Ice Cream & an Arctic Roll-o

Arctic Roll-oThe new issue of Blogosphere magazine is out (e-edition only, print available at the weekend).

It features an interview with Sasha – best known as Liberty London Girl. Sasha started blogging back in 2007 – an early pioneer. She launched The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ magazine as executive style editor, and has an heap of other magazine credits to her name. She has successfully made blogging a full-time career, and now has a small team now supporting her, as well as an off-shoot media consultancy agency.… 

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