Fig Leaf Panna Cotta


Last month, when I wrote about ‘cooking with leaves’, my friend Milli – of Milli’s Kitchen – asked whether I’d ever used fig leaves as an infusion. To be honest, it was the first time I’d ever used blackcurrant leaves to flavour a dish, and I was still buoyed with the success of that. So the answer was no – my only experience of fig leaves was in lovely, oily, savoury dolma. Never anything more elaborate.… 

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Surprise Pudding


“Everything always looks better with a meringue on it” – so someone once told me before promptly ruining a bowl of butternut squash, by doing exactly that.

“It’s what they do in America” he told assured me, before bunging it in the oven for the stiff peaks to turn sugary and golden. I don’t care what happens in America. Sweet meringue should not go with vegetables. End of.… 

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Plum and Cardamom Sponge

plum cardamom sponge minus slice

When it began raining yesterday, my heart sunk. It felt like the big, fat droplets of rain might be battering against the windows until next May. I’m not good with bad weather. It overwhelms me with irrational and pessimistic thoughts. The very idea of winter looming on the horizon makes me feel a bit peculiar.  In fact, if I had any sense, I’d emigrate to warmer climes – but then I’d miss tea and pubs and black humour too much.… 

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