Cocktails in Clapton

When I worked at Class Magazine, I really did know several cocktail recipes off the top of my head –I most definitely knew the golden ratio of sugar to acid to spirit. It’s amazing how useful knowledge like this can just disappear though.

On Friday evening, after a long, long week, I was visiting a friend in Clapton and couldn’t remember anything whatsoever. Thankfully, said friend wasn’t really into her specifics when it came to cocktail making.

I would love to tell you exactly went into this jam jar full of love, but I don’t think that anyone had any idea. There was a blender involved. We put in frozen fruit, then some ice. When the blender didn’t like this, we shook it about a bit. Quite a lot. We put in some water and mashed it about with a spoon. Eventually we got a delicious, fruity slush which we added quite a bit of lime, mint, and lots of vodka to.

A super way to get slowly boozed and stay cool on a balmy summer evening.
Highly recommended.

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