Friday Pot Luck| Week #1

Foodie Wedding Gifts

Welcome to Week 1 of my Friday Pot Luck Series!

I’m kicking off with some wedding gifts for foodies. It’s certainly the season for it – weddings coming thick and fast. And far from whining I couldn’t be more overjoyed. I love a good wedding, and nothing, nothing will dampen my spirits.
It’s like a night out with friends. But with that intangible euphoria of seeing people you love making the most amazing commitment to each other before you start cutting some unruly shapes on the dance floor.

Whether you’re a wedding pro or a wedding novice, it’ll come as no surprise that gift lists are the norm. But if you fancy veering off-list – or you’re at a rare wedding where the couple have left presents up to their guests’ discretion – here’s some inspiration for food-loving brides and grooms.

(From top left, clockwise)

  • Medium rectangular tablecloth, The Organic Farm Shop, £42
  • Handmade polaroid coasters, instructions at Darkroom and Dearly
  • Holly Frean’s Fowl Play series, Anthropologie, £14/ dessert plate
  • Monthly cheese delivery box (x 6 months), The Chef’s Selection (1kg), Pong, £168
  • Dinosaur ‘Not Fork Chops’ corn holders, Lana Filippone at Imm Living
  • Scandilicious (inspired by a dear friend who bought this cookbook for a couple who recently went to Norway on their honeymoon, what a lovely present!), Amazon, £22

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