Green Sauce

Usually I make a bit of effort with the photographs of the food I eat…but on this occasion I failed.
I blame it on the fact that this sauce is so intensely delicious, it disappeared before I could get the lens cap off my camera, so you’ll just have to make do with this unappetizing photograph I took before it was put it on the table which doesn’t do it justice at all!

The green sauce is a Leon recipe, and was first introduced to me by a friend who served it with tabouleh, pita and a homemade coleslaw. It would be a delicious accompaniment to any roast meat or spread inside sandwiches.

On this occasion, I used it as a sexed-up version of humous and kettle chips for everyone to pick at as the final touches were being applied to Sunday lunch. I served a pot of the green sauce with pita bread which had been cut into squares, put in a roasting tray with a few tablespoons of olive oil and a liberal sprinkling of rock salt, then roasted for 8 minutes at 200C.

Handful of mint
Handful of coriander
Handful of parsley
2 tablespoons of mustard (the recipe says to use Dijon, but I’ve been told on good authority that grainy mustard works better, and I’d be inclined to agree).
4 anchovy fillets
200ml good olive oil
juice of ½ lemon

Blend everything. Serve.

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