Kate Jenkins: Nourishing knits

It’s a Friday, so I thought I’d do a nice woolly post (rather than regale you with the chutney-related disasters I’ve recently experienced, which I will share with you, dear readers, when I’m feeling a little more robust).

Anyway, I thought the perfect Friday post would be Kate Jenkin’s new crochet exhibition. This maverick wool-artist started up a knitwear label called Cardigan. She created some crochet food pieces for promotional purposes, but soon realized that people were prepared to pay (really quite a lot of) money for her lambs wool delicacies.

Jenkins is a prime example of how knitting’s strayed away from a sedentary activity done by crotchety old women to being desperately cool. It makes me wish I’d paid more attention when my granny was waving about her needles. If you find yourself in the area this weekend, then check out the feast that Jenkins has knitted up.

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
28 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia,London W1T 2NA
(Open Mon-Sat 10-6pm; closed on Sunday)

1-24 September 2011

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