Liv’s royal wedding biscuits

To say that my housemate, Liv, and I got excited about the royal wedding would be a huge understatement. Still, when she told me about her box of commemorative biscuits I thought that she was beginning to lose the plot.

Now the big day’s been and gone, she’s cracked open the biscuit tin so the commemorating can truly begin. The result is that my initial doubt about her sanity has turned to pure jealousy.

Hats off to The Biscuiteers for producing, quite simply, the most phenomenal biscuits I’ve ever seen.


  1. Livvy Wright says


    Technically, ‘Royal’ and ‘Wedding’ should both have a capital. Just saying… X

  2. says

    Oh dear – I must have been experiencing a blip in my ardent Royalism when I wrote this.
    The poor things have been relegated to the mere lower cases of commoners. Apologies!

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