Mind-blowing sandwiches

I realised that my past few posts have been rather tomato-based…so thought I’d shake it up with something on sandwiches instead. When Lord Montagu 4th Earl of Sandwich tucked into a ham sarnie, I imagine that he thought that it was a fairly adaptable concept-but I bet he never dreamed it could evolve into any of the monstrosities compiled in this list of the craziest ever sandwiches.

1. This sort of madness and fragrant disregard for your aorta can only happen in America—Philadelphia to be exact—where they’ve removed the traditional bun exterior of a cheeseburger, and replaced it with peanut butter flavoured sponge. Extraordinary.

2. Raise a glass (of Dom Perignon) to the world’s most expensive sandwich. At £85 you can expect the best of ingredients in this little beauty: wagyu beef, fresh lobe foie gras, black truffle mayonnaise, brie de meaux, rocket, red pepper and mustard confit and English plum tomatoes. It is, incidentally, named after chef Scott McDonald – nothing to do with Ronald.

3. ‘Can your hunger’. I’d rather not thanks. A sandwich should never have a year-long shelf life, and definitely shouldn’t be opened like a can of coke. Is this US invention the best thing since sliced bread? I think not.

4. As if eating cold lasagne out of the fridge wasn’t bad enough, Tescos have slathered it between two slices of white bread—criminal. If this wasn’t enough of a ludicrous idea, Tescos followed the lasandwich with a strawberries and cream sandwich which was launched round Wimbledon. Wow.

5. If it annoys you when you have to squish down a gastro-burger to get it all in your mouth at once, then this will really upset you. The statuesque sandwich can be found in the Carnegie Deli in New York, and is sculpted from pastrami, salami and bacon.

6. Not a big fan of bread? Well head to KFC where they’ve ingeniously used fried chicken fillets,to sandwich the cheese, sauce and bacon in place. Epic.

Many thanks to the wonderful Shortlist for the inspiration and photos for this post.

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