Modernist Cuisine

Former student of Stephen Hawking and winner of the World Barbecue Championship Nathan Myhrvold has, together with a team of 30, finally finished his magnum opus: Modernist Cuisine.

The 2,468 page book took three years to complete by the former Microsoft chief technology officer, despite help from his sizable staff.

Throughout the five volumes, there are 1,500 recipes which delve into the science and history of dishes, as well as providing graphs, equations and diagrams for some of the more complicated concepts such as sous vide—a cooking method used by Blumenthal, where ingredients are put in a vacuumed bag, and cooked in a water bath.

The recipes range from scrambled eggs to an insanely complicated pastrami recipe, which takes a week to make…and a lot of patience:

“We mix up a set of curing salts and spices. We typically use short ribs. You cure it for three days, then we smoke it for seven hours, then you cook it sous vide for another three days. So this isn’t a quick, ‘Oh hi, honey, I’m home! Let’s whip up some pastrami!’ But a week after you started, it’s just amazing.”

At £400 for the five volumes, I won’t be buying it any time soon…but I will be browsing the lovely pictures online….

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