Mongol Rally 2008

OK, this hasn’t got anything to do with food (it was, in fact, a  gastronomically sparse period of my life – one day Tom and I shared a tin of sweetcorn…one piece of corn at a time. Another day I think that we ate a tin of dog food by mistake).

Anyway, this video has been three years coming…but it was well worth the wait. It was made by three awesome guys we travelled through Mongolia with (Pete, Olly and Ben-aka. Team POB).

My favourite part is about 7:30 in – where you can see me (in the 1990 red Nissan Micra with white, wobbly “racing” stripes down the front) driving (and subsequently) stalling in the middle of a river. The funniest part was that I shot-gunned driving through that river, and was only allowed to on the proviso that I didn’t stall…still cracks me up – hooray for the Japanese TV crew in a nearby jeep who were nice enough to come and drag me out.

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