Moules marinière

Moules marinière is a real treat – most of all though, it’s not crazy expensive and  it’s so easy to make.

The trickiest part by far is finding the mussels to cook. I live in the East End – home of the eel and mash…but no mussels – yet when I visit my parents in Leicester (surely one of the furthest places from the sea in all of Britain) then there seem to be mussels aplenty. Weird.

Once you’ve hunted down your mussels, start by preparing them, which is particularly important if they’ve travelled from the coastline to central Leicester.

Take the mussels out of the net and dump them into a sink. Rinse them thoroughly and scrape off the barnacles, dirt and hairy little ‘beards.’ It’s important that you chuck away broken or open shells, and be very wary of half-open shells that don’t shut once you’ve tapped it on the side.


2x 1kg bags of mussels

3 onions or 6 shallots

3 garlic cloves

150 ml white wine

100 ml double cream

Handful of chopped parsley

Once you’ve prepared the mussels, then dice up the onions  and grind the garlic.

Dice the onions mash up the garlic

Heat some butter in a big casserole dish, then cook the onions and the garlic. Add some white wine and let it simmer away for a couple of minutes.

Simmering away nicely

Put the mussels in the pot, and let them cook for 4 minutes until they’ve popped open. Tip the cream over the mussels, sprinkle the chopped parsley on top and stir.

Serve generous portions of mussels in big bowls with some homemade bread to soak up the delicious juices. Enjoy!

Heap of empty shells


    • says

      No I haven’t. Just looked them up though – this is an excellent idea.
      The only mussels I’d found nearby were at Borough Market, where they were upsettingly expensive (not the £3.49 for a net of mussels from the Leicester Sainsburys anyway!) Will definitely give Tubby Isaacs a try – cheers!

  1. Lulu says

    Who needs to buy convenience food when cooking is as quick and easy as this seems to be. I will try it tonight. Thanks for the idea.

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