Le Mercury

On a sunny day in Angel the bistros are teaming with beautifully dressed women with expensive pushchairs. Lovely little salads at Fig & Olive, lovely little cakes at Ottolenghi, lovely long lunches at The Almeida – it’s an intimidating place to hang out when you’re used to eating on a shoestring.

I was with a friend who told me great things about Le Mercury though, so we went to check it out. The French restaurant is over two floors inside a stunning red brick building. There’s a bit of an old school vibe about the place, but not in a bad way – it’s really light, with huge windows downstairs to let the sun  stream in.

The starters were all £3.95 – pretty good seeing as there were seven different choices ranging from crayfish and lobster ravioli to beef carpaccio.

Beef carpaccio with capers and red pepper relish and wild rocket salad

The main courses were just £7.95 with lots of choices from roast saddle of lamb to seared fillet of Scottish salmon and vegetarian cossoulet.

Slow roast honeyed pork belly with confit celeriac and apple

I’m not going to over-egg Le Mercury. It wasn’t jaw-droppingly good, but it is excellent value. The food was well cooked, and there wasn’t any scrimping on the ingredients – at just £12 for two courses, and bellinis at £3.95, it’s a really great place to go without breaking the bank.

Le Mercury
140a Upper Street
London N1 1QY

020 7354 4088


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