Salad to put you back in a happy place

Melon, Grapefruit, Parma Ham and Rocket

On Saturday I found myself being dragged down to Fulham which always puts me in a bad mood.

At the end of a big night I spent a couple of hours sat on a friend’s doorstep while he tried to remember where he lived so he could come and let me in. Sadly he was looking for his house in Wimbledon. Annoyingly it was at Wandsworth Bridge Road.

The next morning I got up, and with the residue of a foul mood still lingering in the air, I began to snuffle about for some breakfast nearby to perk me up. The first shop I got to was selling 1 Hass avocado for £1.50. ONE! Enough to make me get on a tube back up north immediatly.

At Brick Lane market I rifled about in the fruit market, and much to my delight, bought a couple of cantaloupe melons and THREE avocados all for £2.50. I thought I’d whisk up a salad to celebrate and set myself back on track for an afternoon of reading the Sunday papers.

Although I’m not the biggest grapefruit fan in the world, it counterbalanced the sweet melon and was a phenomenal combination – perfect for the morning after the night before where it’s too late for breakfast, but too early for a big lunch!

½ cantaloupe melon
3 slices of parma ham
½ grapefruit, cut into slices with a sharp knife
Big handful of rocket
Drizzle with balsamic vinegar


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