St Andrew’s day at Bonnie and Wild

Yesterday was St Andrew’s Day—and if that isn’t a reason to deep fry mars bars, use Irn Bru as a feasible cooking ingredient and persuade a piper to come blow his pipes in a requisitioned eel and pie shop, then I don’t know what is.

With that in mind, I shotgunned a shift at Bonnie & Wild in the knowledge that they’d be indulging in all of the above and far, far more.

I wasn’t the only one who’d worked out that this was the place to be to celebrate good ol’ St Andrew—there were about 100 tartan-clad diners crammed into M.Manzes, gorging themselves on Scottish specialties like cullen skink, venison and haggis. Many thanks to everyone for a great night’s cooking – hope everyone who ate enjoyed the evening as much as I did…

Lone piper...cannie get much more atmospheric than that.

Home-cured, wild Scottish Salmon to kick the meal off...

Beautiful, creamy Cullen Skink with toasted tattie scones

Simmy—head chef at Bonnie & Wild— a remarkably well-trousered and extremely tolerant boss...

Venison haunch fillet with haggis, neeps and tatties in a redcurrant jus

What happens if you reduce a hell of a lot of irn bru for a hell of a long time

Anxious little mars bars waiting to be battered

The battering of the mars bars

The finished result—cross section of a deep fried Mars bar

Deep-fried mars bar with sorbet and Irn-Bru and Buckfast syrup

All in all, pretty successful St Andrews celebrations

The Bonnie & Wild / M. Manze
74 Chapel Market, Islington, London N1 9ER

The restaurant is open from 7pm every Friday and Saturday, but there is a curry-special taking place tonight.
Click HERE for bookings
The venue is laid out mainly in booths for 4 and 6.


  1. katie says

    This looks AMAZING. Just reading your post has made me super hungry, and I’m literally just finished lunch. Damn you and your photos of gooey mars bar-y goodness… (And damn my country for being such a hive of culinary genius (?!)).

  2. Jess in Norway says

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I absolutely LOVE Cullen Skink! I wish we could get proper Finnan Haddie over here in Norway so I could make it!

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