#22MealsForACoffee & Individual Summer Puddings

Individual summer pudding

If you only read one other article today, please make it this post by A Girl Called Jack. It was typed into an old Nokia phone back in July 2012, when Jack hit rock-bottom as a 24 year-old, unemployed, single mum.

It is a powerful piece of writing. A stark reminder of the half-million people who rely on food banks. A harrowing image of the little boys round the country asking “where’s mummy’s breakfast?” A painful reality that hunger happens in Britain. And Hunger Hurts…. 

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Holi Schmoly! Not a Bombay Omelette…

Celebrating Holi in Mumbai

Celebrating Holi in Mumbai

For those of you who thought that a Bombay Omelette was a little something that appears on the pavement outside Abacus on Friday morning, think again. Because, to honour the wonderfully paint-splattery Indian celebration that is Holi, I decided to make a spicy ‘Bombay Omelette’ for supper…. 

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Budget food

Budget eating is big. There are entire blogs devoted to feeding yourself on a shoestring. And today I’m going to join in, because I came up with quite a good wheeze involving the Marks & Spencer ‘two-salads-for-£3 deal’.

It’s quite simple. One for lunch and the other one as the base of your evening meal. I had giant cous cous with roasted pepper and red onion at work, and then used this one to sheesh up my supper:

The rest just involves the sort of food you might have lying around in your kitchen. Tescos penne pasta (48p), mushrooms (78p) creme fraiche (£1.10) and bacon. Boil the pasta, and in the meantime cut up and then fry the bacon. Add the chopped mushrooms to the pan after five minutes – and chuck in a bit of thyme if you happen to have any lying about. (I didn’t – but it would’ve been nice!)

Once everything’s cooked, add a couple tablespoons of creme fraiche to the warm pan (but take it off direct heat to do this). A slosh of chicken stock and a squeeze of lemon would be a good addition – once again, I didn’t manage lastnight – I was too tired/hungry, but it would have enhanced the creme fraiche-based sauce.

Finally add the cooked pasta, and then chuck in the Marks & Spencer salad pot you didn’t eat at lunchtime – in this case, bean salad. Stir and serve. Quick, cheap and tasty.