Reining It In with Aubergine


My brother is on the ‘High Fat Diet’. He says it’s working. But I’m sure that being a professional sportsman has something to do with it. Sure, you can smash through Hollondaise sauce if your day is packed with sit-ups and squats and shuffles . But can you really get away with it if your day is spent in front of a computer? I don’t really want to find out…… 

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Eggs in Purgatory

Huevos Rancharos

Forget insipid weetabix mush, and cardboard-tasting cornflakes. I could happily start every day with a spicy breakfast. If I’m really treating myself, then I’ll begin the day with Indian akuri, or green chilli-scrambled tofu. The perfect way to blow away the cobwebs first thing in the morning, along with a feisty little cup of coffee…. 

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