Hurwundeki: lunch and a haircut

1. hurwundeki japche

On Tuesday morning it took me about 15 minutes to dry my hair. No enormous surprise, because it’d been over a year since it’d last been cut, and it had got long. Most people would simply think “I’ll ring my hairdressers and book an appointment.” But here lies my problem. When you only get your hair cut once a year, you don’t really have a regular hairdressers to go to…. 

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Bacchus Sunday, Hoxton

bacchus roast beef

East London is getting more and more cramped on Sundays. There’s always a scrum on Columbia Road, and just minutes away Brick Lane also hosts a weekly market. The BBQ area at London Fields bursts at the seams, and the punters at The Cat and Mutton spill out onto the street round Broadway Market.… 

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Ronnie Saunders Diner’s Union

ronnie saunders diners union

One of the many wonderful thing about studying history at university is that you can disguise the big gaps in your knowledge very easily. Come pub quizzes or dinner party discussions, you simply extricate yourself from any historical debate by putting your hands up, smiling apologetically, and saying “it’s not my period”.… 

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Sager and Wilde: New Wine Bar on Hackney Road

sager and wilde wine and food

Hackney Road is an odd stretch. Just south is Columbia Road market, and just north is Broadway market. At the far west end is a beautiful Victorian-red-brick strip joint, Ye Olde Axe. And far east are the dingy garages under the railway arches near Cambridge Heath station.… 

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