Courgette and Turmeric Dal

yellow courgette dal

Just a very quick post to document a lovely Sunday of eating.

We are a house of habit, and usually eat a dal on a Sunday night. It’s warm and comforting and cheap and easy. A dal also has the advantage of using up any leftover vegetables which are lingering in the fridge round the end of the week. If it’s sweet potatoes or butternut squash, then add them at the start. If it’s spinach or beans then add them at the end.… 

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Mac ‘n cheese: the ultimate comfort food

When it comes to nasty things lurking in the fridge, a gnarldy piece of cheese ranks highly. Everyone’s got one. An old lump of Cathederal City, a pongy bit of Castello Blue, or a slippery piece of brie that keeps trying to escape whenever you open the door…. 

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The Rib Man – best ribs in London

People say that we’re a generation who want it all and we want it now.

Generally, I’m more of a pootler. But when it comes to food on my plate, I’m after instant gratification. Pavlova, for example, doesn’t muck about – it’s a straightforward kind of pudding. One second it’s in a bowl, then your spoon’s sliding through creamy meringue…and before you know it, you’ve scoffed a big old serving with consummate ease…. 

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