Frozen Wine Ice Cubes

ice cubes

On the rare occasion that there are dregs of wine left over from a party, it often sits on the side for days while everyone dries out. It’s annoying to ever chuck wine. So try this cunning ‘kitchen hack’ of freezing leftovers in an ice cube tray. A big one is best, like this one from Nisbets, otherwise it’s quite fiddly.

Once the wine has frozen, then pop out the ice-cubes, store them in labelled sandwich bags, and then use them for when you’re making a risotto or fish stock, and you don’t want to open a bottle especially.

Party in a cow shed

Pork shoulder for 16 (I think it weighed around 7kg with the bone in)
3 kg sweet potatoes
1 head of garlic
½ pint of cream
3 cabbages
1.8kg fresh cannellini beans
2 onions
800grams smoky bacon
3 soft, tablespoons brown sugar
Tomato puree
Lots of Worcestershire sauce, Lea & Perrins and Tabasco… 

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Mediterranean tart

I failed my chemistry GCSE. I don’t understand how magnesium and sodium changes stuff into hydrogen (it probably doesn’t – as I said, I failed – when chemicals are involved, I just don’t get it)…. 

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