The Ongoing Saga of The Pork Pie

pork pies

In July 2011 I tried – and failed – to make a pork pie.

It’s taken me two years and two months to get back on the horse. A little hopeless, perhaps. But the collapsed pork pie was one of my more upsetting culinary experiences – because a lot of time and love goes into making a showstopper of a pork pie.… 

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Pork-Stuffed Deep Fried Beancurd Sheets


“A couple of years ago i never would’ve guessed I’d be sat in Bethnal Green eating deep fried beancurd” said Tom on Tuesday night, happily shovelling a pork-stuffed beancurd parcel into his mouth. Tie flung over his shoulder to avoid the soy drips.

And as I sit here eating leftover gochujang-rice stuffed parcels in front of Crufts, I’m starting to agree that things have got a bit weird. Currently, my cooking seems to revolve around the oddest ingredient I can get my hands on. Often Chinese. And currently deep-fried beancurd sheets.… 

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The Rib Man – best ribs in London

People say that we’re a generation who want it all and we want it now.

Generally, I’m more of a pootler. But when it comes to food on my plate, I’m after instant gratification. Pavlova, for example, doesn’t muck about – it’s a straightforward kind of pudding. One second it’s in a bowl, then your spoon’s sliding through creamy meringue…and before you know it, you’ve scoffed a big old serving with consummate ease…. 

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