Friday Pot Luck | Week 10

waitrose kitchen2

Overheard in Waitrose. A source of endless amusement:

“Noah, you’ve had enough Manchego for one day”
“Darling, do we need Parmesan for both houses?”
“Don’t rummage in the reduced bin, someone from the golf club might see you.”… 

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Friday Pot Luck|Week 8

Food Craft

Craft is cooler than ever. The other week, I came across new website Brit + Co – an American craft collective, which recently received $6.3 million backing. From DIY Pinata to How to Turn Your Pumpkins into a Stack-O-Lantern to 10 Ways to Repurpose Cake Pans. It makes me feel twelve years old again, with this overwhelming urge to whip out scissors and glue and make scrap books and papier mache vases and sock puppets. … 

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