Bompas & Parr: boating on Selfridges’ roof

Breakfast on Selfridges’ roof—the boat on the far right will be floating on the rooftop lake in 2 weeks

My mother always used to say that “no news is good news.” But I’m not sure. When it comes to naughty boys, no news usually means that they’re concocting some sort of cunning plan.

And that’s the thing about Bompas and Parr. They are two naughty boys who have carved out their own niche in the market as ‘jellymongers’ (or “architectural foodsmiths”)… and when there’s no news, it’s because they’re planning something bigger and madder and even more extravagant than their previous stunt…. 

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BREAKING NEWS: Ashley Cole and Jay-Z restaurant launch

If you thought that 2011 was all about the launch of London’s Playboy Club, then think again. American rapper Jay-Z is going into business with Chelsea footballer and notorious philanderer Ashley Cole to open a new London joint: The 40/40 Club.

The dream team’s menu looks finger-lickin’ good, with dishes like Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, catfish fingers and ribs. There are also plans to immortalise the famous Scottish delicacy of deep-fried Snickers by bunging that on the menu too.

Deep fried snickers

Despite the drive-thru style menu, Mr Cole and Mr Z are keen to add a bit of glitz to the joint by featuring $1,200 bottles of Krug on the drinks list which they can sip alongside their chicken wings.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited…