Liv’s royal wedding biscuits

To say that my housemate, Liv, and I got excited about the royal wedding would be a huge understatement. Still, when she told me about her box of commemorative biscuits I thought that she was beginning to lose the plot.

Now the big day’s been and gone, she’s cracked open the biscuit tin so the commemorating can truly begin. The result is that my initial doubt about her sanity has turned to pure jealousy.

Hats off to The Biscuiteers for producing, quite simply, the most phenomenal biscuits I’ve ever seen.

Fiona Cairns: Royal wedding cake triumph

Fiona Cairns with the royal wedding cake

For those of you who have somehow escaped Royal Wedding mania, and are yet to scour the Sunday papers for any little detail that the BBC coverage might have mised – here’s a photo of what has to have been one of the most important parts of the big day: the royal wedding cake.

It took Fiona Cairns five weeks to make – and no surprise, seeing as there were 900 sugar-paste flowers which had been carefully selected for their own specific reasons: roses, daffodils, shamrocks and thistles to represent the different countries in Britain, and then more abstract symbols such as honeysuckle to represent the bond of love, and lavender for devotion and success.

Fiona and her husband went to the wedding, and are now enjoying a well-deserved couple of days off, but I will hopefully be interviewing Fiona Cairns at the end of the week to get the full lowdown, so watch this space…

Coronation Chicken: not just for royal celebrations

Last week, while scouring the papers for any little nugget about the impending wedding, I came across a history of the coronation chicken, so thought I’d share it with you…

The dish was created for the 1952 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and was initially known as Poulet Reine Elizabeth. Despite sounding dreadfully smart, the most important aspect of the dish was that it was easy and cheap so everyone in bleak, post-war Britain could enjoy something a little bit special on the country’s big day…. 

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