Blackberry and Goats Cheese Tartlets

goats cheese blackberry tartlet3

Pudding then cheese? Cheese then pudding? Quelle dilemma!

Do you stick with British tradition, and follow dessert with a nubbin of stilton and a mouthful of port? Or do you follow our French neighbours who, despite just being 21 miles across The Channel, dine in a different order? … 

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Date and apricot slices

date and apricot slices

I’m not a big fan of cupcakes. They taste of sweetness. With a lingering aftertaste of guilt.

I’d take cheese over chocolate, and a sausage roll over sweeties. So if I am going to have a little afternoon nibble of something with a cup of tea, then this is my favourite kind of snack – it’s fruity and oaty and tastes of more than just sugar…. 

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Slumber party pudd: white chocolate and strawberry mousse

When it’s a Saturday night and some of your gal pals are round for a slumber party, a chocolate-based pudding is a must…. 

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