National Baking Week: London Cake

With only three days left of National Baking Week, it’s time to start whipping, whisking…and (most importantly) conjuring up some extreme-decoration concepts.

To get you inspired, here are some shots of a cake that I stumbled across in St Pancras Station yesterday. The seven foot extravaganza maps out London with coloured Smartie tube lines, sponge landmarks, and pudding-themed stations such as Swiss Roll Cottage and Victoria Sponge. Admirable British eccentricity demonstrated through the medium of bakery—wonderful.

Mini Victoria sponge


On Saturday I set about tidying my room. This was even less fun than I expected. Especially on a sunny day, and especially when it took me two hours to clean the goddamned windows. As soon as you start to notice the dust in London that’s the end of it. The only option is to zone out into a state of ignorance and back to ignoring the grime and dust that settles on everything – especially the clean, hard surfaces…. 

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