Back at Bonnie & Wild

After five days in the office, I was counting down the hours to get into the kitchen at Bonnie and Wild. It was an epic night. Thanks to a wine matching menu, 30 of the 80 covers went out in one go…no mean feat with just three of us in the kitchen.

But by the comments from diners meandering through the kitchen, I think it’s fair to say that we pulled it off. One lady actually stopped by to smell (pretty much inhale) the homemade tomato chutney…though that was probably down to the quantity of booze she’d ploughed through rather than the brilliance of the chutney.

So, here’s what we were cooking up in the kitchen – it was mainly down to the chef Iain, though I’m taking total credit for the scallops…having probably only cooked about 15 in my life until Friday, I pan fried about 180 in a single evening – the best way perfect the art…!

amuse bouche - salmon cured in whisky and lemon

pheasant terrine and apple chutney (tasted a gazillion times better than it looks - I'd go as far as saying the best thing on the menu on Friday)

scallops with wild 'shrooms and butternut squash

venison with a beetroot jus, turnip mash and haggis

mullet and razor clam

poached pears with vanilla cream


happy diners at bonnie and wild

The restaurant is open from 7pm every Friday and Saturday. The venue is laid out mainly in booths for 4 and 6.

To make a reservation book online here
alternatively you can send an e-mail

Please note the restaurant is CASH ONLY & BYOB (£29 for three courses).

The Bonnie & Wild / M. Manze
74 Chapel Market, Islington, London N1 9ER

Thanks Wild Game Co for your tasty sausages (and your rugged good looks)

Contrary to popular belief, I am not just posting this photograph because it looks a bit naughty. This really was one of the best sausages I’ve ever tasted.

My lovely flatmate thought that she’d meander over to Broadway Market and visit the boys at the Wild Game Co (who happen to be EXCEEDINGLY dishy as well as selling great meat).

Livvy went for the venison sausages which she cooked with couscous, halloumi and salad. I’m sure I’ve had ‘venison sausages’ before – but I think they must have been 80% pork, 20% venison because they tasted so different to these little beauties. These were so gamey and rich with a wonderful peppery kick which was a bit reminiscent of haggis…which is always a good thing.

If you happen to be at Broadway market, go and check them out (obviously the sausages, not the two Ruaridhs of Wild Game Co) – they’re phenomenal!