Pitt Cue & Co

The problem with pop-ups is that it’s hard to pin them down.

The first time I went to Pitt Cue & Co was on a Monday night. But it was closed. The following Tuesday, I lured a group of friends there on the promise of succulent meat. But it was closed again.

A week later, I was walking home along the south bank alone, and it was open. So I thought that I’d better try some while I could.

It was worth the wait. This purpose-built, American hog van knows how to look after its meat - it’s lovingly rubbed, and smoked, and left to cook gently in its own juices, so the result is the most tender, flavoursome meat I’ve come across in all of London town.

Everything’s served up in a cardboard box, with a selection of other tasty treats – I went for homemade slaw and pickled fennel. Delicious.

If I weren’t all on my lonesome, I would’ve happily bedded in for the night – Pitt Cue is a rare, licensed pop up, and it serves some great looking tipples. I need to go back to try a pickleback: a shot of Bourbon with an equal-sized shot of pickle brine and a strip of pork crackling.

This piece of the deep south really enhances the south bank. And it’s now got a website (of sorts…) that gives you all the vital information you’ll need—click here to check it out.

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