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When a baby bird hatches from an egg, it decides that the first thing it sees is its mother. Well, when my friend Rob came round from general anesthetic, the first thing he saw was a pineapple. Really. His mum had put it on his bedside table. It would be wrong to imply that this [...]

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After Bill Bennet wrote a complaint to Marks & Spencer about being overcharged for a salmon sandwich (which was priced at £1.90 but scanned through for £3), he received a reply which promised him a gift card. More correspondence ensued as poor old Bill didn’t receive the gift card, which culminated in the following note: [...]

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Usually I make a bit of effort with the photographs of the food I eat…but on this occasion I failed. I blame it on the fact that this sauce is so intensely delicious, it disappeared before I could get the lens cap off my camera, so you’ll just have to make do with this unappetizing [...]

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