Afternoon Tea at The Modern Pantry & Matcha Tea Ice Cream

20130625 Modern Pantry Afternoon Tea

Ethnicity is an interesting thing. People are often eager to dredge up exotic influences. Most are genuine, and some are more tenuous. Recently a guy I know claimed to have French blood. “It came across with William” they said. “William who?” I asked. “Well, the Conqueror” they drawled. Dubious.… 

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Cucumber and Red Onion Pickle

red onion cucumber pickle

This is the simplest of simple pickles. So simple, it doesn’t really require its own blog post. But hell, it’s such a great go-to recipe that I thought I’d give it one any way. Interestingly, I didn’t think there was that much about this pickle, (because a pickle’s a pickle’s a pickle, right?) but both my flatmates asked me to make it time and time again, so there’s clearly something in it.… 

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Rainbow Trout: My First Fish

trout first fish

A remarkable thing happened this weekend. I killed an animal. Now let me say straight off - I have nothing whatsoever against the killing of animals. Just as long as it isn’t me who has to do it.

Indeed, many times I’ve been a accomplice when it comes to the killing of things that run or fly or swim. After all, I am a voracious meat eater, so it would be hypocritical not to show at least a keen interest. I’ve whooped encouragingly if somebody pops-off a rabbit, and have enthusiastically beaten birds towards somebody wielding a gun - licking my lips at the thought of supper.… 

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