The Brigade on Tooley Street

Founder Simon Boyle with a group of apprentices

Many of you may have heard of HONY - or ‘Humans of New York. Because what started out as a personal photographic project by 29-year old Brandon Stanton quickly escalated to an enormous street portraiture blog with over 1 million followers all round the world.… 

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Seasonal Eating: Aubergine Pate

It must be funny living in a country without seasons. Take somewhere like Los Angeles. The thermometer hovers round 28°C in August, and plummets to a still-pretty-balmy 19°C in December. When Londoner’s bodies are begin to shut down mid-January with just eight hours of sunlight, those pesky Californians are basking in a full ten hours of not just sunlight, but actual sunshine. No wonder they look so good.… 

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