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The last month has been the busiest for as long as I can remember.

Three weeks were consumed by a cooking job from morning to night. As I’m not quite as organised as I once believed, I failed to create any kind of sensible backlog for my Telegraph column. So every Monday evening, I came home, sat on the bed - listening to the drawl of Made in Chelsea and roars of laughter coming from next door - and I tried to focus on liquid smoke or matcha or nori…… 

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E Pellicci

Crikey, I hate Pret a Manger. Their fresh from the fridge, wet bread sandwiches. Their £2.10 cardboard cups of charcoal coffee. The fact that they began blasting out Christmas music in August. And let’s not even get started on their dubious ethics and employment strategies.… 

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Eggs in Purgatory

Forget insipid weetabix mush, and cardboard-tasting cornflakes. I could happily start every day with a spicy breakfast. If I’m really treating myself, then I’ll begin the day with Indian akuri, or green chilli-scrambled tofu. The perfect way to blow away the cobwebs first thing in the morning, along with a feisty little cup of coffee…. 

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Cowboy Beans

cowboy beans sweetcorn baked potato

Cooking with dried beans is something I associate with vegans or smug people with pressure cookers. I fall into neither of those categories. But I have eaten beans cooked from scratch, and so am aware that their texture is far superior to tinned beans which have been sitting in a brine.… 

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