Hake from Ridley Road Market


It’s a sunny Friday afternoon, and Ridley Road Market is in full swing. Bunches of plantain, shelves of dried fish and bolt upon bolt of patterned fabrics. The east end market has existed for decades - it’s said to have been the inspiration behind Eastender’s Walford Market, but now has a definite Caribbean vibe and has been susceptible to the odd rat meat allegation.… 

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Scrambled Tofu

A few months ago, I tried out the 5:2 diet. It never really appealed, but I figured that the best way to make an informed judgement was to give it a go, and see what all the hype was about.

As expected, the feast days were no problem.
But - also, as expected - the fast days were dreadful. I always try to eat healthily. To listen to my body, and give it what it needs, be that a piece of red meat, or a bowl of porridge so it’s an odd feeling having to ignore hunger, ignore cravings, and let your diet be entirely dictated by the magic number 500.… 

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