Johnnie Walker City Edition: London Launch

From left to right: view from The Eye; chinnock above The City; Sunset from the Shangri-La pool at The Shard

“Mmm … the best place I’ve ever drunk whisky?” ponders Colin Dunn. As a Diageo whisky ambassador it’s not a straightforward question. “Probably Fingal’s Cave,” he says, referring to a tasting he did in on the uninhabited, Inner Hebridean island of Staffa, in a grotto known for its cathedral-like acoustics. “So much of taste is linked to experience,” he says…. 

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Small is beautiful

[First published on Fish on Friday] Chefs from 20 of the world’s best restaurants gathered in San Sebastián to pledge to serve the “perfect protein” to “save the oceans and feed the world”. Rachel Walker was there too. “The UN predicts that the world population will grow by 28%, from 7 billion today to over 9 billion… 

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Sweet Potato in the Simmering Oven of an AGA | 3 Oven TC

My initial experiment with a sweet potato was accidental. I popped one in the simmering oven before heading out, not knowing exactly h0w it would behave. After a protracted amount of time in the pub, we came home not sure if we were going to greeted by something under-cooked or all gnardly. But we were greeted by… 

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Reader’s Digest: March Food & Drink Pages

People often think of mussels in terms of France’s classic dish, moules-frites. But mussels have been cultivated in British waters for hundreds of years - seven million tons of them are farmed in Scotland alone. So it makes sense to showcase them alongside some more of Britain’s best produce: cider, bacon, sage and English mustard.

Austrian Wine Tasting 2015

Schnitzel, apfelstrudel and sweet knödel. Dishes of my childhood, thanks to family recipes harking back to Austro-Hungary. My maternal grandmother was born in Roudnice, a town on the left bank of the Elbe.