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Lamb Rogan Josh

I love the new Sharwoods advert. But it does confirm something I’ve always suspected—that the curry sauces on supermarket shelves aren’t meant to taste of India. As the ‘SHAR1’ bus trundles the length… Read More

Butterfly leg of lamb

I learned this recipe on a cooking course six years ago, and it’s been my go-to dish ever since. In fact, the first cooking job I did, I was called up at 10… Read More

National Curry Week 2011

Tomorrow is the start of National Curry Week . Sure, the national event might’nt have as much clout as Christmas or New Year (not yet anyway…) but it is a chance to have… Read More

Dr Durkin makes a chicken, olive & PRESERVED LEMON tagine

On Thursday evening Natalie invited me round for supper. Just to keep you up to date, I shall from now onwards refer to her as Dr Durkin - firstly, because Dr Durkin is… Read More


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