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Quick and Easy Kedgeree

“When the cat’s away, the mice will play” so the saying goes. Not me. “When the cat’s away, this mouse will eat kedgeree” - such is the level of my rock’n roll lifestyle.… Read More

Indian Spiced Plum Chutney

Everybody has their own way of using up fruit which is just on its way out. I turn brown bananas into banana ice cream or banana bread. Apples are stewed, and strawberries become… Read More

Red lentil and vegetable dhal

Usually if I have vegetable leftovers, I chuck them in a stir fry. But I’m not that keen on stir fries. Perhaps I’ve eaten too many. Or maybe it’s those gloopy sachets of… Read More

Aubergine curry

Am just off to eat the leftovers of this delicious vegetable curry for lunch. Cheap, healthy and really, really tasty! Ingredients (for 4) 2 red onions 2 chillis 1 (200g) tin of chickpeas… Read More

REVIEW: Dishoom

I was brought up in Leicester. So you can imagine my shock when I went to India, and realised that Indian food was nothing like the ‘indians’ of my childhood. No luminous, heavy… Read More