Happily-Appley Pulled Pork Shoulder

Usually, this blog serves two purposes. It provides a place for me to store recipes I like, otherwise they get scribbled on scraps of paper which get thrown away. Secondly, it’s a place which allows me to ramble on about whatever I fancy…before making a very tenuous link to the recipe, and getting on with some cooking.… 

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Pitt Cue Co.

It’s five minutes to six on a bitterly cold February evening and I’m waiting outside a bar near Carnaby Street. There are about eight people in the queue, rubbing their hands, stomping their feet and puffing cold air…. 

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Pitt Cue & Co

The problem with pop-ups is that it’s hard to pin them down.

The first time I went to Pitt Cue & Co was on a Monday night. But it was closed. The following Tuesday, I lured a group of friends there on the promise of succulent meat. But it was closed again…. 

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