Reining It In With Chicken Soup


As far as ‘reining it in’ goes, I’m sure I could have done a bit better with this recipe. Chicken thigh could have been substituted for chicken breast. And instead of noodles, I could have used thinly-sliced cabbage, or grated butternut squash – a bit like Jamie does in his laksa recipe.

But hell, it’s better than pizza or lasagne.… 

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Pearl Barley Soup


It’s only when you organise a party that you realise quite how many important people are missing. Katie is in Ghana, Clara is in Abu Dhabi, Immy is in India, Emma is in Singapore, Hugo is in Hong Kong, Lotty is in Columbia, Rhum is in Guatemala….and so the list goes on…it’s hard not to take it personally. But looking at the evidence, it ain’t good. Maybe it was something I said?… 

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