Telegraph: A – Z

With more and more ingredients appearing on supermarket shelves, it’s hard to keep up.

I asked around, and found out that there were quite a few people buying a whopping great tub of tahini for an Ottolenghi recipe which required a teaspoon or two…and then being puzzled what to do with the rest of it. So I put together this series to help contextualise the ingredients washing up on our shores, from azuki to za’atar

A-Z of Unusual Ingredients


A is for…Azuki Beans
and a recipe for tsubuan anko

Buttermilk and Soda Bread

B is for…Buttermilk
and recipe for sodabread

Kerelan Fish Curry1
C is for…Coconut Oil
and recipe for Keralan fish curry


D is for…Dukkah
and Claudia Roden’s dukkah recipe

burst open espelette pepper
E is for…Espelette Pepper
and a recipe for piperade sauce

fernet branca

F is for…Fernet Branca
and a recipe for a Classic Toronto

02 Bokkeumbap

G is for…Gochujang
and a recipe for bokkeumbap


H is for…Harissa
and Paula Wolfert’s recipe for harous

Ikan Bilis

I is for…Ikan Billis
and a recipe for ikan billis

juniper berries1

J is for…juniper
and a recipe for juniper salt with pigeon breast

Konnyaku 1

K is for…konnyaku
and a recipe for konnyaku with miso

Liquid Smoke - ingredient photo

L is for…liquid smoke
and a recipe for Cowboy Beans

matcha tea powderM is for…Matcha
and a recipe for matcha tea ice cream

nori seaweed
N is for…Nori

and a recipe for nori pesto

ox tail2
O is for…Oxtail
and a recipe for Oxtail Stew with Prunes & Pancetta

pasilla chilli

P is for…Pasilla
and a recipe for Pasilla Chilli Beef

Quinoa Salad

Q is for…Quinoa
and a recipe for quinoa, roasted broccoli and beetroot salad

ras el hanout6

R is for…ras el hanout
and a recipe for lamb shank tagine

Szechuan peppercorn ingredient shot

S is for…Szechuan peppercorns
and a recipe for Szechuan Feather Blade Steak

tahini paste1T is for … Tahini
and a recipe for Beetroot & Carrot Tahini ‘Slaw

Umeboshi Plum2

U is for…Umeboshi Plums
and a recipe for Hinomaru Okayu


V is for…Verjus
and a recipe for Chilli Loin Pork Chop


W is for…White Balsamic Vinegar
and a recipe for pancetta and white balsamic oysters recipe

Xanthan Gum ONLY3

X is for…Xanthan Gum
and a recipe for gluten-free clementine and polenta biscuits

yuzu prawn salad
Y is for…Yuzu Juice
and a recipe for prawn salad with a loose yuzu mayonnaise


Z is for…Za’atar
and a recipe for Mini Maneesh