There’s a Danish Town Overrun with Giant Oysters

rachel walker oyster safari

First published in Vice [hence the swear words subbed in, apologies!]

Ribe, the small Danish town on the Jutland peninsula, is like a picturesque manifestation of all the European towns you see in films like In Bruges, Chocolat and Hot Fuzz. But for all its pretty cobbled streets and chocolate box houses, Ribe is rife with peculiarities.

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Rainbow Trout: My First Fish

trout first fish

A remarkable thing happened this weekend. I killed an animal. Now let me say straight off – I have nothing whatsoever against the killing of animals. Just as long as it isn’t me who has to do it.

Indeed, many times I’ve been a accomplice when it comes to the killing of things that run or fly or swim. After all, I am a voracious meat eater, so it would be hypocritical not to show at least a keen interest. I’ve whooped encouragingly if somebody pops-off a rabbit, and have enthusiastically beaten birds towards somebody wielding a gun – licking my lips at the thought of supper.… 

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