Greg’s Angry Red Curry

A guest post from my brother who has been eating healthily as the Leicestershire County Cricket fitness test looms on the horizon. Surely nothing can make you regret that extra portion on Christmas day more than carrying it with you on a bleep test. So he has posted a recipe which will help shift the Christmas excess…as well as shifting some of the Christmas day leftovers (see photo below).… 

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Poached Eggs & Hollondaise Sauce

Greg's scaled-down breakfast

Greg’s scaled-down breakfast

At school, there was a bench in front of the dining room, where they laid out newspapers. As people waited to go into lunch, they browsed the headlines. I remember one lunch in particular – I’ve looked it up, and it was back in 2002 – where the front page (in The Daily Mail anyway) read: “SALMON GIVES YOU CANCER”. The doors to swung open, and there laid out on the refectory tables were big platters of salmon. Not much got eaten that day.… 

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The most manly salad out there: Turbo Salad

Guest recipe: Greg’s Turbo Salad

Right now, the Oxbridge boys preparing for the boat race will be knocking back 6,000 calories a day. If you think that’s a lot, then Michael Phelps regularly wolfs down 10,000 calories a day which is a feat in itself…. 

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