Cooking Pheasants with The Jamie Oliver Team

Chef line up (right to left) Gennaro Contaldo, Jon Rotheram, Andy Appleton

Chef line up  left to right: Andy Appleton, Jon Rotheram, Gennaro Contaldo

“The sport might-a be expensive, but the game is cheap! Five-a pounds for a brace of pheasant, you can’t-a get a chicken for that!” shouts  Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo, long-time mentor of Jamie Oliver and third-generation “hunter” of pheasants.… 

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Stewed Squid with Tomatoes

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jamie-oliver-stewed-squidIt’s funny how memory works.

One of my earliest memories was of the Kibworth fish van. We lived on the corner of Main Street in a little house called the Old Bakehouse. And every Friday, a blue fish van pulled up in front of Granny Peg’s across the road. She wasn’t an actual Granny – but a nice old lady whose budgerigar loved cuttlefish. On the odd occasion that I went to the seaside (Leicester isn’t really close), then I’d scour the beach for cuttlefish, and remember presenting them to Granny Peg with great pride.… 

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Dr Durkin makes a chicken, olive & PRESERVED LEMON tagine

On Thursday evening Natalie invited me round for supper.

Just to keep you up to date, I shall from now onwards refer to her as Dr Durkin – firstly, because Dr Durkin is a more comic name than Natalie. And secondly, because this is now her real title…. 

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Jamie Magazine: Massimo Restaurant & Oyster Bar

I never thought that I was that girl who got ludicrously excited about summer holidays.

The sort of excitement where you lie out all your clothes on the bed a week before you leave, and draw up a militant list of pedicures, waxes and tans. You line up you travel shampoos next to the travel toothpaste, and a meticulously packed travel wallet, and then leap out of bed at 5am on the morning of departure like the Boots advert women…. 

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