Mackerel, Carrot and Beetroot Super Salad


When I was living in Oxford, and there was an uninspiring grey old day like today, I’d treat myself to an Alpha Salad.

It’s a legendary salad bar in the covered market. Big juicy butterbeans and nutty lentils. Tangy coleslaw, and heaps of Mediterranean vegetables. You could pick from a generous lump of goats cheese, with a thick creamy rind, chicken, tofu and smoked mackerel. Spoonfuls of pesto, and handfuls of seeds. You would leave with a million flavours crammed into a cardboard box, and a wooden fork, to sit on a bench outside a library and really relish every mouthful of lunch.… 

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Alembic, San Francisco

Just a quick heads up that my reviews of the best bars in San Francisco, Oxford, Birmingham and Nottingham are up on the diffordsguide website.

Check it out – it’s a very cool website. As well as bar reviews, there’s a great page with a slot machine function to help you use up the dregs in your drinks cabinet with hundreds of cocktail recipes.