Balsamic fig and whipped goats cheese crostini

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A few years ago I had a conversation with Omar Allibhoy which stuck with me. The Spanish chef and founder of Tapas Revolution was, unsurprisingly, talking tapas. Or the lack of.

When he first came to Britain, he was taken aback by the amount of drinking which took place without food. It’s a uniquely British trait. Walk past Leadenhall  Market after work, and you might spot a packet of crisps amongst the pints, but not much else. Or wander down a British high street early on a Friday evening, and you’ll notice that the general migratory route goes from work, to pub, to bar, to club – without a pit stop at a restaurant for some non-liquid sustinance…. 

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Olive It Competition


I remember when I ate my first olive. You can’t say that about most things. Pasta, strawberries, bread, sausages – they’re all things grabbed in a chubby baby hand, squashed, sucked and chewed.… 

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Cooking olives with Omar Allibhoy

olives with omar allibhoy

It’s rare that you remember your first acquaintance with new food – I don’t remember my first cheese sandwich or my first sip of orange juice.

But I do remember eating my first olive. I was about 14 years old –round the same time that I decided to like stilton and red wine…. 

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