Cowboy Beans

cowboy beans sweetcorn baked potato

Cooking with dried beans is something I associate with vegans or smug people with pressure cookers. I fall into neither of those categories. But I have eaten beans cooked from scratch, and so am aware that their texture is far superior to tinned beans which have been sitting in a brine.… 

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Tomato sauce – like my grandmother used to make

Ok, so neither of my grandmothers are Italian. They’re Czech and English, so they’re more about knödel and Sunday roasts than tomato sauce. My Czech great grandmother did once claim to have Italian blood. But her grandson quite rightly pointed out that if she did, it must have come across with the Romans…… 

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Marathon Meatloaf

Tom and his three housemates are running the Bath Half Marathon along with 21 other friends who are all coming together to raise money for the lovely Alfie Fielden (seated, below)…. 

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