Friday Pot Luck| Week #3


It’s Week 3 of my Pot Luck Series…and we’re back onto weddings.

This time, it’s all about hats though. In anticipation of a rather smart upcoming wedding, I’ve become absorbed by the serious business of buying a hat. I trawled high street hat shops, and they’re all, well, fine. But then, while browsing Boticca, I stumbled across a milliner called Bundle MacLaren, whose hats are so full of humour and utterly glorious in every way.

I invited myself along to her Parsons Green studio, so I could try on a hat rather than just jumping in with an online purchase, and I met Bundle and her two lovely daughters who were hurtling about the studio. A joyous experience – especially as a left with a very smart hat, bought on the first day of her August sale. Clearly fate.

Here’s a small selection of food-inspired headgear to excite the millinophilias amongst you.

From top left, clockwise)

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